Myths about Breakfast in the Classroom

"It makes a mess" and "the food is unhealthy" are a few of the common myths surrounding the potential outcome of implementing a school breakfast program. These myths and others are dispelled in the document "Breakfast in the Class Room Myths."

How can schools increase breakfast participation?

Breakfast "Nudges" are one way to encourage kids to participate in breakfast. Nudges are subtle acts of positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions that try to influence a student's behavior. One example of a Nudge is to ask a student if they ate breakfast before coming to class. For more information, download and read this PDF document on Breakfast Nudges.

Additional information on other breakfast delivery models can be found by downloading the documents below.

Grab and Go Tips

Innovative Breakfast Delivery Options

How can food waste be reduced?

One solution to reducing food waste is share tables. Food or beverage that has not been consumed may be left at a designated table for children to take. Additional information addressing food waste can be found below.